About Us

King Shaw Associates is a pioneering practice of consulting engineers offering integrated environmental and building services to support Clients and Architects in the development of quality buildings. The practice has a clear agenda to promote efficient use of resources and sustainability and in the design, construction and operation of buildings.

Originally designed for refurbishment of the Tank Museum this natural ventilation stack typifies our approach. It is designed to be inserted into existing wide-span structures without imposing additional loads on the roof.

The practice is committed to the development of sustainable construction. We will always use our best endeavours to inform clients, end users and design team partners of the importance and benefits of efficient and environmentally sensitive designs. We are always conscious that we are designing built environments for human beings and that satisfaction and delight are critical factors in the success of buildings.

We aim to break down the traditional divide between engineering disciplines and to foster truly integrated thinking in each engineer, regardless of his or her original discipline. We aim to develop engineers capable of making all the strategic decisions to develop a coherent design concept thorough an understanding of all the principles involved.

We believe that technology and convenience are no substitute for intellectual effort and rigour. Whilst we use the best technological tools available to perform routine or complex tasks these will never form the basis of our decision making, or replace engineering judgement. Thus our solutions are developed uniquely for each project, rather than shaping the project to fit a standard, off the peg, engineering solution.