With our highly experienced team of engineers, we are able to work on a variety of projects, spanning a wide range of sectors. We work extensively on cultural and heritage projects as well as residential, educational and commercial ventures. Our approach enables us to present holistic engineering solutions that ensure the building encompasses modern concurrent engineering techniques that complement the long term building excellence that is required in today’s built environment.

capacityWe recognise the need for the highest level of training for all staff and we strongly support our team in achieving this. This ensures our clients receive the best informed engineering support at every stage of the project.

We utilise the best available tools to support our design including full 3D CAD, including Autodesk Revit, and IES Virtual Environment for full building thermal and energy simulation and computational analysis.

However, although we can use complex analysis tools we never forget the need to communicate effectively with the Client and Project Sponsors. In this we also excel, using a wide variety of written and graphical means for presenting our findings and design proposals.