Environmental Policy ISO 14001

We are committed to promoting Sustainable Development in construction and to ensuring that this becomes the norm for construction projects in the UK as rapidly as possible. We believe that immediate and concerted action is the only in which we can collectively combat the global threats from environmental depredation and climate change.

We will always use our best efforts to promote consideration of more sustainable solutions on the projects on which we are engaged. However we are pragmatic about our environmental approach and will not force an issue in order simply to utilise environmentally friendly materials. Instead we prefer to evaluate the total impact of a material or methodology and select those with the greatest overall benefit when considered as part of the holistic engineering solution. Design choices are evaluated by their overall impact by using KPIs and environmental preference methods. We believe that sustainability is best achieved through maximising the efficiency of each and every element of a project.

We endeavour to practice what we preach in our own business. Our offices are naturally ventilated and well day-lit and we actively manage our energy use in the office environment. All of our office equipment is specified with energy saving features and we ensure that these features are used. We are registered under ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems

We use only recycled paper in our business, which is re-used as scrap wherever possible and then segregated from general waste for re-cycling. All office products are specified by an environmental preference method, with recycled products being the first choice, with low environmental impact products being selected where re-cycled products are not available. All recyclable products are segregated from the general waste.

We source our office supplies and services to minimise the delivery mileage incurred.