Project Delivery

It’s our experience that the best results are achieved when all engineering disciplines are involved from the outset, this ensures the initial concept is effectively coordinated to compliment the design aspiration.

To achieve this we deliver written reports with sketches for the concept and scheme design stages, this promotes a transparency and record of the design process. By working within the recognised RIBA framework, the client and all team members are involved in every step of the decision making process leading to each significant milestone being reached. Following on from these initial agreed stages we continue to work towards a coordinated tender design that will deliver and support the client and team requirements, focusing on meeting delivery deadlines and assisting the team in budgetary monitoring.

We generally seek to be appointed on detailed design services where we resolve all of the design issues and produce coordinated drawings before the contract is tendered. This avoids uncertainty for the client both in terms of the performance of the systems and of course the cost. It is our experience time and again that this approach actually delivers lower cost projects in the long term.

However we recognize that in some circumstances other pressures dictate a design and build approach to procurement. In these circumstances we would still expect to take the design a further stage than simply production of employer’s requirements.

We evaluate this need on a project by project basis in order to develop and agree a schedule of design-stage deliverables appropriate to the project and anticipated capability of the contractor. By producing an enhanced employers requirements we can retain control of fundamental aspect of the design by, for instance specifying in details control system parameters, energy performance of plant, detailed guidance on the design of heating systems etc.

Under Design & Build we would expect to retain a continuing role as the champion of sustainability throughout the Contractor’s design development and site operations. We have worked very successfully in the past where we have developed good working relationships with the whole supply chain, including the sub-consultants employed by the contractor.