Quality Policy

We are committed to providing our Clients with the best possible service and this is reflected in the fact that we became registered under ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems just 15 months after the practice was formed.

The members of the practice have wide ranging experience from many fields of engineering drawn from many different practices. We draw on this wide ranging expertise by encouraging an open working environment where questioning and contribution are welcomed and designs are continuously subjected to peer review. We also ensure that all projects are reviewed by a senior member of the practice at the key design and deliverable stages.

Achieving quality in the design and delivery of projects is not simply about management systems, the people we employ are essential to the service we provide and we aim to ensure that all of our staff have the best opportunities for learning, formal training and professional development. We encourage all of our engineers to aim for Chartered status and provide training as required for them to achieve this. We are committed to Continuing Professional Development and ensure that all members of the practice keep abreast of the latest issues by paying their professional subscriptions provided that they comply with the Institutions’ CPD requirements.