Clore Education Centre, Hampton Court Palace

The Centre completed in December 2006, provides teaching and support spaces as well as exhibition facilities to help visitor groups interpret the history of Hampton Court.
The new single story timber and steel framed education building, orientated to create a new courtyard in the space behind the ticket office, includes a large multi-functional teaching and exhibition space as well as classrooms and cloakrooms.

The building services solution achieves low energy consumption through the combined use of high insulation, natural ventilation and daylighting, assisted by harnessing the structure itself to create a low U-Value wall.

The open plan multi-function space is configured under a pitched roof with two chimneys providing the driving force for natural displacement ventilation by stack effect and making contemporary references to the many famous chimneys that adorn Hampton Court Palace itself. Inlet air is provided through the long north wall of the building.

In winter, heat escaping through the insulation of the wall, instead of being lost to atmosphere, is effectively captured within the void and reintroduced to the building by the supply air. In the summer, being north facing and coupled to the ground, the brick outer leaf of the wall provides thermal mass on the supply air path to cool the warm outdoor air and reduce the heat gain into the building.

Client: Historic Royal Palaces
Value: £1,800,000
Architect: Feilden Clegg Bradley
Awards: The Sustainable Building Services Award 2007