De Montalt Mill, Bath

A 17 th Century Industrial building used as the Apprentice store for the adjoining mill that produced the paper for artists such as Turner. The site is set on a steep south facing slope to the south of Bath in an area notorious for its “Hummock slips of Clay”. The resulting impact was that the building fabric itself was suffering extensive structural damage caused by movement associated with failed foundations which had led to extensive water penetration through a severely damaged roof.

Our solution to overcome the movement of the building down the slope was to create a podium toothed into the existing masonry walls picking them up and sitting them on piles driven into a lower level of strata under the slip layer. Also to reduce the slippage between the upper and lower level a deep trench was created on the up slope to take away the water coming down the slope.

The Architectural vision was to create a circulation route running alongside the central wall as a ribbon of steel within a transparent glazed balustrade supported off the new contemporary timber truss system.

Value: £1,000,000
Architect: Three Fold Architects . this one . there