Peasburge Barn, Cirencester

King Shaw used a holistic engineering approach from the outset of this this low energy, off grid refurbishment project to influence the concept design. The project scope involved the remodelling of this previously converted barn and the construction of additional bedrooms, plantroom and gym space. Due to planning constraints this was achieved by knocking down the previous single storey extension and replacing this with new accommodation including a basement underneath.

The property is off grid and the client’s brief was to achieve a sustainable low energy design. This was realised with a pellet supplied bio-mass boiler in a subterranean plantroom supplying an underfloor heating system and large calorifier for water storage. The water itself was sourced by water abstraction from the 90m deep acquifer, foul waste discharged to a new anaerobic digestor system with the storm water discharging into the drainage ditches on the surrounding fields.

The low lying ground and high water table required that the structural strategy reduce the hydraulic and heave uplift. We achieved this by constructing the basement on a compressible material onto a draining layer over connected to a double discharge sump. During construction numerous areas of defective construction were uncovered that required remedial details.

Value: £1,600,000
Architect: Mark Ruthven Architects