St Nicholas School, Radstock

As part of a rationalisation of primary education in Radstock, B&NES Council procured two new primary schools to replace four existing schools. King Shaw Associates provided the complete engineering design for the two schools under a design and construct partnering contract, the first to be awarded by the Council.

St Nicholas is located in a river valley and our design had to address flood issues in addition to sustainable construction. The building was developed with its sister school, to use a common system of timber frame construction for efficiency. The building is also super-insulated, naturally ventilated and daylit with very low energy consumption in use.

The building establishes clear links to its setting with the surrounding trees and water creating an ever changing character to the light which floods the classrooms from abundant roof lights. The water management on the site was turned into an education resource with a soakaway swale being developed for wetland habitat.

Client: Bath and North East Somerset Council
Value: £3,000,000
Architect: NVB Architects