Trinity School, Portishead

A primary school for a new village community on the outskirts of Portishead, Trinity is the first of a number of exemplar schools for the Diocese of Bath and Wells.

Designed for low energy consumption in use, using natural ventilation and extensive daylighting, we also reduced the energy embodied in the building by pioneering the use of the Ziegel clay block system. These voided blocks have a thin propriety mortar bed, thus allowing a simple single skin load bearing wall construction to meet the building regulation requirements for insulation, greatly reducing material use and labour.

The single storey classroom structure themselves designed with a northlight structure and precast exposed slab to provide thermal modification of the environment. The fitted roof light also included a vent that acted with the vent in the outer wall to promote natural ventilation of the spaces. This was aided over the winter by the mechanical extract heat exchanger in the intermediate toilet pod area.

The structure for the main hall roof was developed as a glulam lamella hybrid that uses small sized elements highly efficiently to span the 12m free space.

Client: Diocese of Bath & Wells
Value: £3,500,000
Architect: NVB Architects