Westwood House, Wiltshire

King Shaw Associates provided the building services and environmental design for this new country house and estate in Wiltshire.

A large country house with estate office, staff flat and a swimming pool would typically be a high energy consumer, but the client was concerned to minimise his impacts and to make the building zero carbon if possible.

We worked with the client to establish a comprehensive strategy for energy self sufficiency. We evaluated the potential yield of woodfuel from the land and identified opportunities for wind and micro-hydro power. We specified solar thermal collectors, a woodchip boiler and a wind turbine to satisfy the entire annual energy demand from renewable sources. We then designed the building around a thermal energy storage system that will allow the energy sources to be balanced with the demand. Once the wind turbine is installed the estate will become a net exporter of energy and carbon neutral.

Value: £6,000,000
Architect: Acanthus Ferguson Mann