Building Physics / Energy Modelling

Our experience in building physics engineering throughout the design process adds science to your project. This includes the assessment of innovative concepts feasibility, through testing and developing designs, to predicting the performance of completed buildings. Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) enables us to model large and complex buildings so that an accurate assessment of energy consumption, CO2 emissions, operating costs and occupant comfort can be reached King Shaw Associates has a considerable experience of successfully integrated architectural solutions to the environmental design strategies. Whilst we use the best technological tools available to perform routine or complex tasks these will never form the basis of our decision making or replace engineering judgment. We believe that technology and convenience are no substitute for intellectual effort and rigour but use various ‘evaluation tools’ like IES as a means of quantifying the effect of energy-related design decisions. Whilst others may employ DSM to facilitate the requirement to tick the Part L box, our expertise allows us to assist clients and architects to understand how early design decisions impact on energy use, carbon emissions, daylight and thermal comfort. Following our agenda for comprehensive and optimum real-life solutions, we use dynamic thermal modelling to secure the following;

      • Renewable Energy Design
      • Ventilation Strategies
      • Part L Compliance
      • Building Geometry
      • HVAC Sizing and system comparisons
      • Solar Shading
      • Passive Energy Systems
      • Building Fabric Performance
      • Daylight Analysis
      • Artificial Lighting
      • Thermal Comfort
      • Solar Overheating Analysis
      • Renewable Energy Systems
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