Building Services Engineering

When it comes to designing buildings, we always start with the premise that we must get the fabric right in the first place, before trying to solve problems with mechanical and electrical solutions. We approach all building services engineering appointments from an environmental point of view. We will therefore, when required, advise on building orientation, massing and fenestration, building materials, insulation methods and construction techniques to minimize embodied CO2 and create the internal environment necessary for really low energy, building service engineering installations.


The users of buildings are essential parts of the environmental control systems, opening windows and doors, dressing to suit the weather, turning lights on and off. Our building services engineers use their understanding of human factors to develop designs that are responsive to both people and to the seasons. This creates internal environments that are both delightful and stimulating, but also are cheaper to run and maintain.

The building services can represent up to 30% of the project cost and are critical to the satisfactory occupation of the building. It is therefore essential that the building services design is properly resolved before the project is handed over to a contractor.

We have extensive experience in developing strategic briefs, outline and detail design proposals for projects of all sizes; ranging from small domestic properties through to extremely challenging environmental control standards and/or sustainable building designs.

While we use the best technological tools available to perform routine or complex tasks, these will never form the basis of our decision making, or replace engineering judgment. Thus, our solutions are developed uniquely for each project, rather than shaping the project to fit a standard ‘off the peg’ building service engineering solution.

We also have the capability and experience to deliver fully coordinated design information, ready for installation by contractors.

Building Engineering Services Provided

Design & Project Work
• Building Regulations Part L Compliance
• Building Modelling & Dynamic Thermal Simulation
• Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Services Design

Energy & Sustainability
• Energy Audits and Advice
Energy Performance Certificates for new and existing Domestic and Commercial Properties
• SAP Calculations for new and existing properties
• SBEM Calculations for non-domestic properties

Surveys and Reports
• Condition Surveys and Reports
• Dilapidation Surveys
• Feasibility Studies
• Pre Acquisition Surveys

For more detailed advice on your own particular project, please call 0117 925 4340 and speak to one of our building service engineers, or use our Contact Form.

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