Environmental Design

If you are planning a low or zero carbon building and are baffled by all the industry jargon and the seemingly infinite approaches of construction and materials available, please get in contact. Our environmental design consultants will help to remove myth from reality and determine the most appropriate method of construction based upon your expectations of design, energy efficiency and carbon footprint.

As Environmental Design Associates, the sustainable design of buildings and systems is at the core of our business. In designing buildings we always start with the premise that we must get the fabric right in the first place before trying to solve comfort and climate control problems with mechanical and electrical solutions. To this end, we would carry out analysis all of the natural resources available on a site: solar orientation & shading, wind speed and direction, availability of water, local external temperatures and so on.

We prove our ideas and solutions using dynamic thermal and energy performance modelling software. This indicates which ideas work well, and which are less favourable. Often, this process is run jointly with a costing exercise in order to understand the cost-benefit of each environmental design option.

The further benefit of the modelling process is the heat and electrical demand outputs can be analysed so that the building services designs can be tailored to provide the most appropriate and energy efficient solutions.

Services we offer:

  • Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Advice for Passive Building Designs
  • Sustainability Statements for Planning
  • Dynamic Thermal Simulation and Energy Performance Modelling
  • BREEAM Consultancy / Support to BREEAM reports
  • Part ‘L’ Building Regulation Compliance
  • Natural Ventilation and Night Time Cooling
  • Daylighting and Lighting Control
  • Energy assessment, SAP & SBEM Calculations
  • Energy efficient lighting & control,
  • Building energy efficiency
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