Lighting Design

Good and proper lighting, whether it is natural daylight or artificial, always elevates the architectural design, finishes and materials to deliver beautifully lit, visually pleasing environments. At King Shaw Associates, we work closely with architects, designers and clients to create imaginative lighting solutions for every building type and application.

Guidance to the required lux levels are provided to enable engineers to design for the correct illuminance levels depending on the task in hand. This seems perfectly adequate at first glance but the problem of addressing light is compounded by the fact that low levels of lighting are preferred by some individuals whilst some require much higher levels. It is well known that that the quality of light can affect our alertness, sleep and performance. Therefore understanding how people see and respond to light is fundamental to the design of a well-lit space.

Enjoyment of the space, energy performance, security and safety of a building are also all directly linked to the lighting so it is imperative that it is designed correctly.

King Shaw Lighting Design: The Wall of Light, Soho

All our lighting designs are both comprehensive for energy-efficient interior and exterior lighting systems, and easily controlled. We optimise the visual and energy performance of buildings by using computer simulation tools, like Dialux and IES VE, to help to provide a visual representation of the lighting schemes at the early stages of the design to inform the design team and client.