Passivhaus Design

King Shaw Associates specialises in strategic consultancy and design services for projects requiring either extremely challenging environmental control standards and/or sustainable building designs. Our solutions are developed uniquely for each project rather than an off the peg engineering solution.

We have a vast experience in delivering sustainable and low carbon projects following a hierarchy of ‘mean, lean, green’. The rationale is that it is more feasible and cost effective to consider energy reduction through passive design principles to reduce demand (mean), then applying system efficiency measures (lean) to meet end use energy demand efficiently. Finally the use of renewable technologies (green) is considered along with effective energy management/controls.

Passivhaus is an energy and occupant comfort standard which focuses on the first stage (fabric first) of that strategy by reducing energy consumption in buildings by design, instead of relying on renewables to merely offset carbon.

This is typically achieved through high levels of insulation, exceptional air tightness, high performance windows and doors and highly efficient mechanical ventilation heat recovery.

We are a member of the Passivhaus Trust in the UK and within our Sustainability Department we have a certified Passivhaus Designer, Evangelia Mitsiakou.

Our consultancy service, based on building physics, include:
• Individual design consultancy to meet the stringent criteria required by the Passivhaus standard for developers, contractors and designers
• Advice on economic design strategies to reduce the energy demand
• PHPP calculations (optimization of the form, orientation and fabric of the building)
• Thermal bridging analysis and calculation
• Air tightness consultancy and detailing
• Full Passivhaus compliant MVHR design service
• U-value calculation and construction alternatives to achieve the quite low U-value figure
• Thermal modelling to predict the Overheating and provide design alternatives for minimizing the solar gains
• Night cooling assessment
• Condensation Analysis
• Solar Analysis
• Cost analysis: Passivhaus does not need to cost more than conventional construction
• Optimisation of daylight


PAssivhaus Designer