Renewable Energy Design

Renewable Energy Design is a balance between the natural resources, the building energy profile, legislative requirements and capital funding vs. financial incentives. Whatever the solution, whether working directly for a client or as part of the design team, we can provide expert advice.

Government initiatives such as the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) guarantee a long-term income for renewable technologies and ROI that exceeds most other investments. In specific, the FIT scheme offers a financial incentive to businesses; organisations and individuals who install renewable energy systems to generate electricity, whereas the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) financially benefits them when renewable heating systems are installed.

As part of our appointment we typically provide detailed analysis of capital costs, site suitability, financial benefits, carbon emission savings, and payback times. This coupled with our expert practical understanding of building systems will enable you to make fully informed decisions based on all the options available.

So whether assessing a small single dwelling or large development our high level of expertise provides an impartial view of the renewables market enabling the most suited technology to be incorporated within your project.

Our renewable energy consultancy services include:
• Feasibility studies
• Integration of low and zero carbon technologies
• Legislative compliance verification and auditing, e.g. FiTs, RHI.

Relevant projects include: Pitzhanger Manor, Westwood House and UN Eco-Office, Podgorica.