Sustainable Design

Sustainable design involves the consideration of all environmental, social and economic parameters when designing a building.

Our aim is to nurture and evolve a sustainable design in collaboration with the client that delivers the best fit for their project demands.

It should encapsulate all the best ways to utilise the buildings natural surroundings, as well as the very latest technology for harnessing natural energy.

Our environmental design work has encompassed historical preservation as well as new builds and is a service we provide to both commercial and domestic clients.

We can help you battle your way through the swathes of legislation and jargon to deliver a sustainable design solution that provides a pleasant living or working environment that has minimal negative environmental impact.

With our knowledge of Building Physics we treat the building as a system. We give the system parameters that must be met, i.e. comfortable internal temperatures, high indoor air quality (adequate ventilation), high visual acuity (lighting). The design process is progressive and iterative. The first idea will not be the final solution; rather a journey and a conversation involving all members of the design team and most importantly, the client. We feel strongly that buildings must meet the needs of their users. Designing a building that does not meet the client’s aspirations is as great a failure as a building that is highly polluting.

Whether you are planning a low carbon or zero carbon building our in house team can help.  Using dynamic thermal and energy performance modelling we can provide greater confidence in both the accuracy of building emissions and running costs.

This highly accurate modelling software also allows us to present to the client the advantages and disadvantages of a range of sustainable building designs.

By delivering all mechanical and electrical building solutions our sustainable designers provide clients with a design that is robustly thought out – from start to finish.


Our range of sustainable building design services includes:

  • Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies
  • SAP & SBEM Energy Assessments and Calculations
  • Passive Building Designs
  • Part L Compliance and Sustainability Statements
  • Energy Modelling
  • Building Energy Efficiency
  • Dynamic Thermal Simulation
  • BREEAM Consultancy and Support
  • Natural Ventilation System Design
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Design
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