New Heritage Project at Apsley House

K040116Following our recent appointment as Mechanical & Electrical Engineer at the Historic Apsley House, we were excited to meet the team on Monday at the first meeting on site. This glorious Georgian building housed the first Duke of Wellington and his descendants, and is situated right in the heart of London at Hyde Park Corner and in essence is very much unchanged since his great victory at Waterloo in 1815. It houses one of the finest art collections in London and we look forward to working closely with the English Heritage team in the coming months. King Shaw are recognised for our portfolio of historic properties, providing solutions focused on conservation and sympathetic renovations to ensure that generations to come can continue to appreciate these historic properties whilst modernising and replacing building service systems that no longer meet the needs and standards of today. Other examples of historically significant buildings we have worked on include: Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham, Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing, Royal Albert Hall, Museum of SomersetMagdalen College and numerous others.

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